We bring a unique, qualitative approach to the analysis of performance in sport, business and the military.

Created by Experts

Our programs are developed and delivered by a panel of domain experts with experience in risk analysis, business and high performance sport.

Driving Change

We stimulate and support sustainable behavioural changes in the performance of teams, units and individuals.

Used by Champions

Our programs are used in AFL, basketball, football, judo, motor racing, netball, rugby league, and rugby union, with our Organics™ model applied within corporate business and Federal Government environments.


To succeed and then stay at the top, teams must take a strategic and integrated approach to capability and culture. Organics™ offers pathways and solutions to achieve fully integrated, strategic and sustained success.

Even the best coaches are not always sure how their team will turn up to play and whether they have assessed the opposition correctly. Insight™ measures comparative Team Value and more. Insight™ provides a comparative starting position to support each game plan.

Read the game in real time with GameChanger® ‘s modelling and qualitative metrics support.

GameChanger® looks carefully for momentum changes within games. We are interested in helping how to trigger it, how to maintain it and how to stop opposition momentum.

Our Decision-Making program identifies players’ capabilities to make decisions under pressure and in doing so contributes to player selection, game strategy and tactics.

GameChanger® is program developed to share qualitative observations and insights about performance. We look carefully at the drivers of and connectors in performance to augment our partners’ understanding of performance

I highly recommend GameChanger®

Eddie Jones

England Rugby Head Coach 2015-2022

Eddie Jones has the greatest winning record of any England Rugby Head Coach and holds the equal World Record of 18 straight Test wins. Eddie was 2017 World Rugby Coach of the Year. He has found GameChanger® extremely helpful calling it "Brilliant" and "Fantastic".

"GameChanger® has brought a new dimension to football. The support they provide to identify momentum and players’ decision-making capabilities as well as using qualitative indicators, is going to change football coaching and understanding around the world."

Josip Skoko


The Academy

With so much information available online It is hard for people with an interest in Qualitative Analytics to know which resources are reliable and how to develop their skills and qualifications. That's why we created the Academy of Qualitative Analytics to allow us to share our expertise with a range of industry groups and tertiary education institutions.

Anyone can join

Membership of the Academy is open to anyone.

Level-up your knowledge

There is a professional learning pathway open that guides you through four levels of qualification.

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Used by Champions

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