GameChanger® has spent over a decade of advanced R&D in elite performance intelligence and measurement known as Intelligence Augmentation (IA). IA is qualitative not quantitative.

Our new IA systems theory has been proven across a wide spectrum of society from elite sports performance, informed and pre-emptive decision-making by business leaders in today’s transformative and disruptive world, and other areas as divergent as counter-terrorism.

Pillars of the GameChanger® Intelligence Augmentation (IA) ‘new systems theory’ are:

  1. IA is based on qualitative logic and assessment, not quantitative counting
  2. Beyond Artificial Intelligence (AI) – areas AI does not and may never be able to cover;
  3. R&D has already identified over 30 key performance areas which AI does not cover;
  4. Only IA can see the totality of a situation – essential for informed decision-making;
  5. Only IA explains ‘why’ and ‘how’ things happen, whereas AI is ‘what, when and where’;
  6. IA actually informs and authorises AI – revealing why AI has a glass ceiling;
  7. AI is subject to rapid value deterioration – disrupt the power supply and it’s gone;
  8. AI cannot identify the areas where it does not and cannotoperate; and
  9. IA is informed ‘foresight’ through lead data – AI suggests expected results from lag data.

So how does IA affect team performance? The key IA areas which determine who will win include:

  • Top decision-makers in key positions – inherent qualitative capacities can be measured;
  • How players’ qualitative profiles contribute to team Organics™ hence resilience;
  • Leadership in sport is a defined qualitative product – it can be developed and measured;
  • Compound Intensity has five interconnected and interdependent qualitative parts – ‘the team which dominates intensity usually wins’;
  • Momentum control is a defined qualitative concept as an adjunct to our Intensity model;
  • Own and opposition vulnerability can be identified and protected against or exploited;
  • Offensive to Defensive transition analytics informtraining and match control; and
  • Coaches value receiving ‘live’ game control qualitative data based on the value of attacking v defending – more accurate than the scoreboard.

Our partners include the world renowned Cardiff Metropolitan University – which led to the establishment of the Keith Lyons Academy of Qualitative Analytics (Analytics 5.0) within GameChanger®.