A group of sports industry leaders including coaches, academics, scientists and business professionals conducted a ’gap analysis’ on what is missing in high-performance sport. The answer is ‘qualitative knowledge’ about team performance. What does it look like, how to use it to improve team performance, how to influence games and how to measure it during games.

This resulted in the development of a comprehensive qualitative program operated by GameChanger® Pty Ltd, from over a decade of R&D led by world-renown sports guru, Professor Keith Lyons, formerly Head of High-Performance at the Institute of Sport.

The program is called QUALPro™ which has unlocked the qualitative side of play for coaches by assessing and evaluating areas of ‘team performance’ not covered by traditional methods including: intensity, momentum, transition, risk, effective creativity, attacking ‘value’, game control, decision-making, predictability, ‘Drivers & Connectors’, resilience and unstructured play.

Proven world-wide across nine major sports (World Cup and Olympic levels) now primarily focusing on international rugby and international football, it identifies emerging changes in team performance, providing coaches with ‘live’ actionable insights ‘into the box’ to assist their decision-making. Coaches share game plans for ‘implementation analysis’ and enjoy a superior winning record.

‘Actionable insights’ derive from assessing/evaluating play not from counting physical actions:

  • Structured data – through pre-defined data models; and
  • Unstructured or non-numerical data – interpreting facts and models.