“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”


Championship Handbook and Toolkit of Solutions and Innovations

  1. Want to know ‘real game control’ throughout the whole game – and why?
  2. Want to deliver dominant, consistent and winning ‘team intensity’?
  3. Want to score first and early and retain game control?
  4. Want every turnover and transition to be a potential scoring opportunity?
  5. Want to trigger and control whole-game momentum?
  6. Want to convert stoppages into a strategic part of the game?
  7. Want to know/react to ‘breakpoint’ in games before the opposition does?
  8. Want to know/close expectation gaps between preparation and performance?
  9. Want to build an effective, strategic, winning leadership team?
  10. Want a team of top decision-makers – including under increasing pressure?
  11. Want to know how to ensure culture and performance are one – and tops?

This is the Qualitative side of Performance Intelligence – building, assessing and evaluating.

“An understanding of a situation from looking at the totality of the situation which quantitative data cannot see nor determine.”

Professor Keith Lyons, former Head of High-Performance, Australian Institute of Sport

Qualitative is a type of analysis which relies on both:

  • Structured data – through pre-defined data models; and
  • Unstructured or non-numerical data – interpreting facts.

At GameChanger®, we are not data analysts nor physical technicians but rather performance coaches and advisors incorporating qualitative analysis and behavioural science into coaching.