‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’

  1. Want to know ‘actual’ game control throughout the game?
  2. Want to maintain a consistent, winning ‘high match intensity’?
  3. Want to see the ‘breakpoint’ in games?
  4. Want to close the expectation gap between preparation and performance?
  5. Want to build a winning leadership team?
  6. Want to control whole-game momentum?
  7. Want to score first and early – then establish and retain game control?
  8. Want to convert stoppages into strategic play?
  9. Want key players to be top decision-makers under pressure?
  10. Want to ensure culture and dynamics are one – and tops?

This is the Qualitative side of Performance Intelligence – building, assessing and evaluating.

An understanding of a situation from looking at the totality of the situation which quantitative data cannot see nor determine.

Professor Keith Lyons, former Head of High-Performance, Australian Institute of Sport

Qualitative is a type of analysis which relies on both:

  • Structured data – through pre-defined data models; and
  • Unstructured or non-numerical data – interpreting facts.

At GameChanger®, We are not data analysts nor physical technicians but rather performance coaches and advisors incorporating qualitative analysis and behavioural science into coaching