QUALPro™ is a match diagnostics program for use leading into, during and post games to optimise match performance through innovative, interconnected and interdependent ‘qualitative’ models, systems and metrics which provide ‘live’ match sensing and awareness, leading to dominance measured by ‘match-control’ metrics. Actionable insights are provided into the coaches box to support decision-making – including performance levels, patterns and trends plus anticipating impacts of decisions and non-decisions on match outcomes.

Actionable insights derive from assessing/evaluating play not from counting physical actions:

  • Structured data – through pre-defined data models; and
  • Unstructured or non-numerical data – interpreting facts and models.

Overview: ‘Team performance’ is influenced by connected events before, during and post games:

  • Decision-making capability – recruitment, training, team selection, replacements;
  • Club <=> Team Organics™ – interaction of off-field and on-field environments matters;
  • Comparative match preparation analytics producing ‘Team Value’ intelligence;
  • Coaches interpretation and application of Insight™ qualitative models – for example:
    • Intensity is more than a physical count of ‘time over distance’ or ‘pressure acts’ – it’s
  • about understanding inter-related ‘input’ factors and how they are translated under
  • constantly changing match circumstances into team outcomes including scoring
  • opportunities <=> then knowing how to control ‘whole-game’ momentum;
  • ‘Live’ QUALPro™ actionable insights directly to coaches to support decision-making; and
  • Post-match ‘Deep-Dive’ three-level analytics cover match review and forward planning.