Our claim to have the first complete, qualitative sports system in the world can be readily checked.

Explaining critical performance areas not covered elsewhere – some resting on coach’s intuition.

GameChanger® influences selection, preparation and performance in ways previously just hoped for.

GameChanger® reveals ‘hidden’ issues through knowledge, measurement and actionable insights.

Performance modelling establishes early match control and how to maintain it – data is in direct coaching terms, not needing interpretation – and also presented for training drills.

We keep coaches constantly aware of the ‘totality of the game situation’ – i.e. game control, opportunities, threats and protection for informed and pre-emptive decision-making.

Dominating defined ‘Team Intensity’ controls whole-game momentum and usually wins.

Every offensive and defensive transition contains ‘hidden’ opportunity plus exploitation.

Progressive qualitative metrics, including breakpoints, are more accurate than the scoreboard.

GameChanger® supports team and individual sports – improvement, winning and forensic analysis.

Only GameChanger®’s qualitative approach lets coaches know the ‘totality of the situation’ through the interdependent & interconnected parts of the game. This alone is unique intelligence.

GameChanger® compares with looking back at a completed game and identifying decisive play, but actually seeing those things ‘live’ during the game, as they were happening, thus able to influence.


GameChanger® reflects over a decade of advanced R&D across nine major sports to World Cup and Olympic levels including direct match support for a World Coach of the Year.

Qualitative performance intelligence is part of the science of Intelligence Augmentation (IA).

Qualitative analytics constitute what is globally recognised as Analytics 5.0.

Advanced R&D was led by former Associate Professor Tony Charge guided by Professor Keith Lyons (former Head of High Performance at the Australian Institute of Sport and later Head of the Keith Lyons Academy of Qualitative Analytics), in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)