How We Support Coaches To Win

Sports Wizard® provides a different and distinctive approach to performance analysis – local clubs to World Championships – team or individual sport – any sport.

Our services are customised to meet your needs. You outline the issue and we bring a mix of professional skills to meet your needs. This includes problem solving, identifying and creating opportunities, analysing games ‘live’ or post using state-of-the-art ‘Deep-Dive’ qualitative analytics to break down the ‘game story’ – to help maximise team success, resilience and sustainability.

Solutions we provide include:

  • Enabling Type A performance of scoring first and early and maintaining control;
  • Assessing players’ decision-making capabilities under pressure and team impacts;
  • Demonstrating Intensity has five interconnected parts – how to sustain high intensity;
  • Applying advanced ‘risk and reward’ science to optimise offensive  defensive transitions;
  • Developing agile leadership skills and leadership application during the whole game;
  • Creating a new mental approach to stoppages to enhance resilience & scoring opportunities;
  • Measuring ‘winning form’ during games – more accurate than the scoreboard;
  • Defining momentum and showing practical ways to control momentum throughout games;
  • Improving and balancing ‘effective creativity’ in attack with defensive strategy and structure;
  • Explaining why the lead changes frequently and how to retain control;
  • Building effective options to handle sudden changes in play;
  • Responding to ‘grinds’ in play – ‘low-intensity  low-resilience  low scoring’ periods;
  • Assessing and building team resilience to become an embedded strength and advantage;
  • Closing the ‘expectation gap’ between match preparation and match performance;
  • Recruiting and selecting players for ‘defined roles’ as well as skills and physical capability;
  • And more….