Ron Smith Reveals Insights into Soccer Scoring

Vancouver United FC has recently launched the 2015 Pacific Soccer Coaching Conference & Expo, featuring renowned football Coach and Head of Football for Sports Wizard®, Ron Smith.

Ron – who is a former assistant manager of the Australian National Team and Technical Analyst at Liverpool FC – will be a key influence at the Expo, which is being run from 5-7 June.

Ron managed a number of professional clubs in Australia and Malaysia and his specialty is technical analysis where he is currently completing his PhD based on research into goal scoring patterns at top level professional clubs.

The most recent breakthrough in which he achieved using Sports Wizard® ‘Applied Qualitative Analytics’ or AQA modelling to solve a 30-year old mystery about scoring.

Sports Wizard® AQA also identifies how coaches can trigger Momentum at any stage of the game and stop opposition Momentum. It also deciphers the behavioural side or the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Decision-Making in play.

Ron created The Football Centre following 30 years of coaching all ages and abilities, because he wants to share knowledge and provide quality information at low cost, with unlimited access.