Australian Breakthrough in Sport Reaches Out To The World

Sports Wizard® Media Release: July 2015

An Australian sports science firm is extending its influence globally offering the Next Generation in Behavioural Analysis that could revolutionise coaching, academic and professional training and flow onto sports multi-media and gaming industries.

Sports Wizard®’s Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA) is the breakthrough in understanding ‘form’ in a game – and extends to match preparation. What the coach sees has been translated into models and metrics so that a coach can measure the ‘real’ matters determining winning and losing – as they occur – in real-time.

For the first time coaches can receive immediate information into the coaches box ‘reading’ patterns and trends such as either team gaining Momentum. A sports science formula explains the pre-conditions required and identifies the steps leading to Momentum. With this knowledge, a coach can ‘control’ Momentum – able to trigger Momentum and stop opposition Momentum.

Former Olympic and US league women’s basketball coach Carrie Graf is a strong fan of this model and has used it successfully – going one step further given the speed of basketball and asking for a ‘Pre-Momentum’ model – earlier warning! In response, a model is being developed which presently is 70% accurate in giving about 30 seconds warning. ‘This is invaluable’ Carrie Graf reported.

Global expansion is underway to take AQA to all sports through online delivery to coaches’ hand-held ICT devices within seconds of play occurring.

The global game of football (soccer) is first priority followed by basketball – and expansion includes:

  • Solving the greatest ‘sports unknown’ in the world explaining athlete’s Decision-Making;
  • Head of Football Ron Smith leading a global education and awareness program about AQA;
  • Developing a ’Qualitative’ equivalent model of ‘Moneyball’ for US baseball using AQA;
  • Entering a partnership with a top international sports university;
  • Offering AFL, NRL, ARU, FFA and WNBL Coaches a Master Class in AQA;
  • Launching the first firm in the world capable of detecting match-fixing from game analysis;
  • Building a team of specialised Accredited Sports Analysts to work locally and internationally.

The Sports Wizard® Group is based in Melbourne and Canberra and is presently establishing UK and USA bases.

Media Contacts

Tony Charge (CEO) – mobile +61 408 481 220

Former Judo and AFL Coach, Executive and Academic (Adjunct Associate Professor)  


Phil Anstey (Sports Director) – mobile +61 499 992 887

Former AFL and Basketball Coach, Sports Industry Leader and Executive