Sports Wizard® and Decision Science Launch B2B Partnership: A Powerful Decision-Making Solution

Sports Wizard® and Decision Science are delighted to announce we are working together to support and develop coaches’ knowledge of and players’ decision-making ability.

Who we are
Tony Charge (Sportswizard®) and Megan Lorains (Decision Science) have extensive experience providing services to sport. They agree it is a great time to enter a partnership that is focussed on real-time decision-support and providing organisations with a long-term approach to increasing their decisionmaking knowledge and abilities. The two companies combined offer a diverse range of decision-making resources to make available to interested organisations.

What we offer
Measuring on field sporting performance
Sports Wizard® has developed a Decision-Making Assessment Tool (DMAT) that was trialled in Australian Rules Football and used in other sports in national and international competition. DMAT profiles decision-making characteristics and supports their practical application.

Training decision-making off field
Decision Science has conducted extensive research into training in decision-making. They offer advanced software training solutions to improve the cognitive aspects of sporting performance (decision-making and pattern recall ability).

How your organisation can benefit
‘Our partnership will enable us to offer sporting organisations a powerful decision-making solution from assessment and profiling through training and pattern recall to maximise each player’s decision-making performance’ said Tony Charge.

Further information on decision-making impacts
A recent publication ‘A look into the EPL in 2030’ – highlights the impact of decision-making: Sports Wizard® discusses how decision-making is becoming a priority area in high-performance innovation for players and teams (page 6) – EPL 2030: A data-driven future: Dystopia or beautiful holographic game

Sports Inquiries:

Media Contacts: 7 August 2017
Dr Megan Lorains (Decision Science CEO) – mobile +61 (0) 409 402 602
Tony Charge (Sports Wizard® CEO) – mobile +61 (0) 408 481 220
Philip Anstey (Sports Wizard® Sports Director) – mobile +61 (0) 499 992 887