An Academy of Qualitative Analytics

On 20 April, 2019, the Board of Sports Wizard® approved the establishment of the Academy of Qualitative Analytics (AQA) as a subsidiary organisation within Sports Wizard®. The aim is to establish of a Charter of Admissions for AQA and to ensure it meets the highest standards of professional admission.

As part of the decision made on 20 April, Sports Wizard® has provided AQA with a restricted, revocable, non-transferable licence of Intellectual Property whilst it is achieving its purpose.

The executive, organisational structure of AQA for the next three years is:

Keith Lyons (President), Tony Charge (Dean, Analytics and Accreditation), and Philip Anstey (Dean, Development). Associate Deans will be appointed as needed with the agreement of the AQA Executive.

At the meeting held on 20 April, Fellow memberships (Level 3 Certified Sports Analysts) of AQA were conferred upon:

Tony Charge, Philip Anstey, Luke Jansen, Sam Anstey, Jacob Anstey, Daren Nimmo, Ron Smith, and Keith Lyons.

Memberships (Level 1) were conferred on:

Alex Belperio, Brendan Ryland, Chris Byrne, Darren Richards, Darren O’Shaughnessy, Darrell Cobner, Rhys Langley, Rebecca McRae, Nicole Robertson, Richard McInnes, Mike Mulvey, Peter Borbiro, Kieran O’Dwyer, John Buchanan, Neil Balme, Sam Bracey, Roselee Jencke, George Pappas, and Michael Vincent.

AQA will seek partnerships and agreements with: Cardiff Metropolitan University; the Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Centre; the Australian Association of Qualitative Research; the Society for Quantitative Analysis of Behaviour; and the National Security College.

The establishment of AQA is seen as a very important step in the development of the Sports Wizard® strategic and operational governance structure. The Board expressed their desire for AQA to set the highest possible standards and provide a benchmark for a professional accreditation of learning and progression.