An Expression of Interest invited

Sports Wizard® invites an Expression of Interest for the role of Senior Qualitative Specialist to work in international rugby union (England Rugby at the World Cup 2019 in Japan) and international association football.

You will deliver within-game actionable insights to coaches to assist with their decision-making. You will cover thirty areas of performance including: Intensity, Decision-Making, Creative Threats, Attacking/Defending ‘value metrics,’ Dwell Time, Momentum, Vulnerability, Resilience and more. You will provide three levels of ‘Deep Dive’ analytics post-game.

To succeed in this role you will have these personal attributes:

* Excellent creative and analytical skills demonstrated in a sports environment;
* Appreciation of human behaviour preferably, but not essentially, in a sports context;
* Ability to apply qualitative measurement ‘live’ to identify levels, patterns and trends;
* Ability to apply Decision-Making assessment technology;
* Capacity for unstructured thinking including cognitive recognition and problem solving;
* Relevant qualifications and/or elite level sports experience.

Learning opportunities in Applied Qualitative Analytics 5.0 will be provided to the successful candidate. This may lead to formal Accreditation through the Academy of Qualitative Analytics. Conditions of engagement will be negotiated based on the successful applicant’s credentials. For more information about qualitative analytics see this page on our website.

An expression of interest with a curriculum vitae should be submitted to by close of business on Friday, 31 May 2019. All submissions will be treated with the utmost confidence and sensitivity.

Sports Wizard® is a Member of the Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Centre

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash