Introducing GameChanger®

GameChanger® establishes a new relationship between coaches and Performance Intelligence – creating more informed decision-making before and during games. New approaches and new knowledge.

GameChanger® works at the point of play providing constant ‘situational awareness’ from match controlling patterns and trends – ‘evaluating play’ and providing insights – not counting actions.

Performance intelligence integrates the several interdependent components of Intensity – the performance success hub – and measures their impact on momentum and scoring opportunities.

Progressively, understanding the superiority of ‘roles’ over traditional ‘positions’ is fundamental.

Comparative ‘attacking/defending’ performance ‘value metrics’ is measured ‘live’ during games using advanced Qualitative Analytics – and is more accurate and influential than the scoreboard.

Talent identification, player recruitment, training and selection must be based on player ‘inherent’ decision-making capability for top performance – this is part of available behavioural profiling.

Team success depends on superior on-field ó off-field environmental Team Organics™ – this can be measured with pathways defined to achieve championship-ready status as quickly as possible.

Increased certainty from ‘match preparation’ is achieved through comparative Qualitative Analytics.



About Us

GameChanger® is built on innovative Applied Qualitative Analytics as part of the new science known as Intelligence Augmentation (IA) – the other side of the ‘intelligence coin’ to AI data statistics.

It has involved over a decade of advanced R&D led by renown data scientist Professor Keith Lyons, formerly Head of High-Performance at the Australian Institute of Sport and formerly Director of Sports Studies at the University of Canberra.

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We are not statistical data analysts nor physical technicians but rather performance strategists and advisors incorporating advanced science and practice into coaching.