Former Saints Operations Manager joins Sports Wizard®

Sports Wizard®, the global leader in Qualitative Analytics, is pleased to announce the appointment of former St Kilda Football Operations Manager, Philip Anstey, as Head of AFL.

The move is timely as Sports Wizard® has released an expanded program, with four of the AFL’s top eight clubs having already benefited from Sports Wizard® programs.

In addition to working with St Kilda Football Department (also a Level 3 AFL Coach), Philip was previously with Tuggeranong Football Club where he enjoyed triple-Premiership coaching success at Colts level and also has a strong background in Basketball, being a Victorian State Representative (15 internationals) and Victorian State Championships Basketball Coach.

Philip’s sons Jake and Sam have AFL/VFL experience with Carlton, St Kilda and Collingwood, both are now involved in Sports Wizard® programs. Sam has also recently coached Mordialloc to a Premiership.

“I am really excited at the opportunity with Sports Wizard® as the AFL is Australia’s leading sport and is always on the lookout for innovation and improvement – Sports Wizard® has some of the most powerful ‘new thinking’ I have seen in a long time,” said Anstey.

“Understanding your team’s Decision-Making capability, how that impacts on the game and being able to integrate that into training, selection and match day strategies is a long sought- after capability by coaches.”

Sports Wizard® also measures the ‘effectiveness’ of Forward Transition and Defensive Transition patterns ‘live’ during games, using a set of unique Qualitative Indicators which can be match-defining – and being in real-time, enable immediate intervention.

“This is so much more insightful and valuable and is a great complement to the traditional statistics’ Anstey added.

“I have also seen the Sports Wizard® Momentum program in action – an objective formula to identify Momentum, being able to trigger it, to maintain it and even stop opposition Momentum – it is very powerful,” concluded Anstey.

Anstey joins an elite group of national and international coaches, academics, IT specialists and players forming the Sports Wizard® Group – many with Olympic, World Cup and International success – including Carrie Graf, Ron Smith, John Buchanan, Josip Skoko, Natalie Hurst, Ante Skoko, Eddie Jones, Professor Keith Lyons and Darren O’Shaughnessy.