Mike Mulvey joins Sports Wizard®

Mike Mulvey has joined Sports Wizard®

Sports Wizard®, global leaders in innovative Qualitative Analytics, are pleased to announce that Mike Mulvey, current Championship Coach in the A-League has joined our elite Football Group in Sports Wizard® – headed by the most successful Socceroos coach to date, Frank Farina, and world   renowned Technical Manager, Ron Smith. Other members include Professor Keith Lyons and former Socceroo, EPL and European Champions League player Josip Skoko.

“It is a great pleasure to have Mike join our team. He offers a wonderful insight and knowledge of the game at Championship level – having coached both men and women at national and international levels,” Sports Wizard® CEO Tony Charge said.

“Mike is extremely well credentialed to assist Sports Wizard® continue our expansion into the global football world. Mike currently holds the highest football awards in Australia including Football Federation of Australia (FFA) Coach of the Year, A-League Championship Coach, Queensland Sports Coach of the Year and has developed international players, including Socceroos, among his international achievements in men’s and women’s football up to World Cup level,” Charge added.

“As a professional coach, I am always seeking the leading-edge in football knowledge and Sports Wizard® offers the best and most innovative programs I have seen for a long time,” said Mulvey.

“In fact, I class many as ‘breakthroughs’ in the football world.”

“Decision-Making, for example, is probably the biggest unknown in sport and being able to assess players’ capabilities and performance under pressure through Sports Wizard® programs offers enormous opportunities to develop teams and improve performance especially.”

“I am happy to support Sports Wizard® taking their football innovations to the world as football is the world game,” Mulvey continued.

“Until now, I didn’t know the sports science logic of why a team can score twice in a row or why the opposition can score straight after we score and in football this can be decisive!”

“Sports Wizard® has shown me through Qualitative Analytics why and how this happens.”

“Watching the Asian Cup through Sports Wizard® ‘Real Time’ Qualitative Analytics including predictive scoring components has taken my knowledge to a new level,” Mulvey said.

“I can see that in time, this new knowledge will become commonplace in football – and then it will be up to individual coaches to interpret and apply it for advantage,” Mulvey continued.

Mulvey has already started his involvement with Sports Wizard® as we move to build a global online presence among the 400,000 or more registered football coaches in the world. Mike will be travelling across the UK and Europe for the next few months liaising with football coaches.

Media Contacts:

Mike Mulvey 0416 131 100

Tony Charge 0408 481 220

Date: 25 January 2015