Congratulations to Eddie Jones on ‘Creating Rugby History’

‘It was no surprise that Japan beat South Africa at the Rugby World Cup championships,’ according to Sports Wizard® founder Tony Charge.

‘Eddie Jones is one of the most inspirational and attuned coaches we have been associated with – he instantly embraced new performance intelligence and became the first top level rugby coach in the world to introduce Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA).’

‘In fact it took Eddie less than five minutes to embrace our breakthrough in AQA and he quickly introduced it into his coaching approach and methods,’ Charge added.

‘Eddie said he had searched the world for a Qualitative system and found nothing until he was referred to us by the Australian Sports Commission.’

‘The Japan win was testament to Eddie’s dedication and ingenuity to recognise both why and how South Africa were vulnerable and when they failed to protect their vulnerability, produce the game plan to deliver the historic win,’ Charge continued.

‘The sport of rugby is indebted to what Eddie has done for the game from Australia, South Africa and now Japan.’

‘Eddie’s ability to combine complexity and structure with Qualitative thinking including Decision-Making, “Unstructured,” Momentum and Qualitative KPIs has made him a revolutionary and visionary coach,’ Charge said.

‘The next stage in Eddie’s journey will be equally exciting, whether at the Stormers or England or in Japan when they host the Rugby World Cup in 2019.’

‘We look forward to Eddie’s next adventure, his next success and his ongoing impact on the game of rugby,’ Charge concluded.

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