Sports Wizard® and Cardiff Metropolitan University sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Media Release

Sports Wizard® the global leader in Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA) today announced a major academic alignment with Cardiff Metropolitan University for exclusive rights in the UK and Europe to progress the application of Sports Wizard®’s unique programs to sports, clubs and students.

AQA is claimed to be the most significant breakthrough in high-performance sports analysis and measurement in the world for decades. AQA looks at areas such as how to control Momentum, Offensive and Defensive Transition Effectiveness, Decision-Making capabilities and application, and identifies, in advance, potential scoring opportunities and vulnerabilities.

“Sports Wizard® is very proud to be associated with a leading UK university in the sporting industry which is strategically placed to help connect the growing UK and European markets in key sports such as football, rugby, basketball and cricket” announced Tony Charge, Sports Wizard® CEO.

“Having operated from Australia where AQA was developed, a UK presence will enable us to

promote AQA into nations, sports and clubs where sport is a major part of life, as in Australia” Tony Charge continued.

“Sport is the international language of friendship and the wonderful atmosphere at the Iran v Iraq Asian Cup football game held in Canberra recently is a perfect example of this.”

“Formally entering this phase with Sports Wizard® is an exciting prospect for the Centre for

Performance Analysis at Cardiff School of Sport” said Darrell Cobner from Cardiff Met.

“This MOU represents an opportunity to learn, understand and apply new qualitative approaches to the area of performance analysis. We look forward to embedding principles into our practice and teaching, and to potentially creating new markets, roles and employability strands for Cardiff Met. Graduates.”


Cardiff Metropolitan University – throughout its sixty-year history the University’s Cardiff School of Sport has built an international reputation for the quality of its academic, professional, research and extra-curricular work. The Cardiff School of Sport provides some of the most popular and contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate sport degree courses in the UK.

Sports Wizard® – is the author and global pioneer of Applied Qualitative Analytics (AQA), a new field of high-performance sport science measuring actions, behaviours and events during ‘match preparation’ and ‘live during games’ producing ‘lead’ indicators in ‘real-time’ enabling coaches to influence scoring and outcomes of games.

Sports Wizard® programs apply to team and individual sports. They were developed in Australian Rules football and Judo and have been used in an increasing number of sports in national and international sporting competitions. Cardiff Met. will work with Sports Wizard® on research and development of these programs.


Media Contacts: 24 December 2015

Tony Charge (Sports Wizard® CEO) – mobile +61 408 481 220

Philip Anstey (Sports Wizard® Executive Director) – mobile +61 499 992 887

Darrell Cobner (Cardiff Met School of Sport) – +44 (0) 2920417277